All business is show business

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We're storytellers for a world in motion

Together, working closely with you.
We create impactful concepts.
That communicates moving messages.
Bringing you closer to your customers.
Generating results that matter.


Services is a hybrid between a film production company and an advertising agency. provides a full range of production services for photography, film, editing, animation, music production, sound mixing, and live streaming.

We also facilitate a wide range of expertise, both in-house and in our network in graphic design, brand strategy, research and analytics, communication and media strategy, and production.

Our business idea

We focus on people and building long-lasting relations. We create visual communication that engages and captures our audiences and delivers results. We are storytellers for a world in motion.


We all strive to create and build our identities. We connect with the brands and businesses that give us the right credibility. Marketing needs to earn its place and strengthen identification. It's about creating stories we believe in and building long-lasting relations.


We activate and build strong brands through films. Creating the campfire to keep you warm as well as the fireworks with their explosions to grab people’s attention. It’s a mind game and your brand needs to deserve the space that it occupies.


We measure and analyze our work, in close co-operation with your team, to ensure our work supports your vision and goals. When you invested time and money with us we always deliver. We are as interested in the result our work yield as you are.

The (core) team

What's cooking?


Documentary film



Follow along on a trek through the Khumbu valley in Nepal, up to the foot of Mount Everest – Sagarmatha. The journey begins in Kathmandu and we follow our legendary mountain guide Chhiring Dorje Sherpa up the mountainsides.


Soul of Skiing

Leave the ski-in-ski-out-world behind and let us show you the places where the soul is still to be found. Stefan has a reputation to find unique cross-cultural experiences, food bonanzas and meetings with local legends. This time in Hokkaido.



Three hundred and fifty kilometers north of Bergen, at the extreme west of the Stadtlandet peninsula, lies Hoddevik. One of the best surfing spots in Norway. Norwaves is a movie about one of the best surf spots in Scandinavia.

We support your inhouse agency

We can provide your marketing department and sales force with both content and tools. Let us be the secret ingredient to your inhouse agency.

Content creators

We produce content to marketing departments and inhouse agencies. Films, movie clips, animations, explainers, product images and a lot more is used in creating stunning communication. We have a fully equipped studio for film, photo and sound production that provide us the opportunity to work efficiently. We have editing and grading suites inhouse where we carry out post-production before final delivery.

App producers

We work with different technical platforms to develop content for, amongst others the Arvid Nordquist Nordic sales force where we continuously update and develop apps. With smart functions and connections to business systems, we are at the forefront of this technology. Let us explain how you can transform your presentation material into an interactive compelling experience.

KlappLogoNegTransp200x200 is an independent creative agency based in Stockholm.

We're storytellers for a world in motion.


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