Arvid Nordquist – Kaffeappen

We created an app for Arvid Nordquist called “Kaffeappen”, made for the Swedish and Norwegian markets. 

The app’s main users are people working within foodservice (baristas, coffee shop managers, etc.) and people servicing vending machines.

In the app, users can quickly get an overview of the settings for all of their different vending machines. They can also learn more about how to make even better coffee with interactive quizzes and videos, and get information about Arvid Nordquist’s different coffee blends.

Using an older version of the app as a starting point we redesigned it completely to make it more user friendly. We also updated the color scheme and the overall look and feel, to make it faster and more pleasant to navigate. 

The designs were created in Sketch and built for iOS and Android using Android Studio, Twixl publisher and EpiServer. 


Selected work

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