Customer's goal: To improve Stockholmers' perception of Friskis&Svettis facilities in terms of exercise equipment and training environment, and to maintain and strengthen the image of Friskis&Svettis as a fun, free zone where everyone is welcome.

In the films, we want to highlight Friskis&Svettis training equipment and the training environment itself. They reinforce an attitude free and easy-going atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

The films aim at giving an impression that they were filmed in the same shot. We used transitional clips to create the feeling of all this happening during one minute. We added well-selected sections that could be matched to the next clip. The different films are reminiscent of each other but are distinguished by the graphics and the characters involved. The soundscape gives a captivating feeling linked to Friskis&Svettis.

Project group:
Anette Schultzberg - Production manager
Stefan Mathiasson - Film, motion graphic, 3D artist
Christopher Runström - Film, editing
Anders Klapp - Film, creative director

Selected work

Nynäshamns kommunCase: Plats för livet

Arvid NordquistCase: Säljappar

Arvid NordquistCase: Kaffeappen

SJ & JernhusenCase: Nattåg

Svensk FastighetsförmedlingCase: Mäklarappen

Graphera/IF MetallCase: Nyckelfilmer

Sollentuna kommunCase: Miljöutbildning

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Låt barnen styra

Jernhusen MediaCase: Kampanj Play

Oxunda vattensamverkanCase: Värna vårt vatten

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran 2019

Friskis&SvettisCase: Verksamhetsberättelse

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran 2018

LägenhetsbyteCase: Byta bostad

Arvid NordquistCase: Sommarkaffe

ObsteCareCase: A better pregnancy

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Cykla Mer

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