Jernspiran – A competition that makes a difference

Jernspiran is Jernhusen's annual event competition, which rewards companies and organizations who want to implement change and have a strong commitment to important sustainability and social issues. The purpose is to raise awareness and highlight initiatives in creating a better world and at the same time contribute to meaningful traveler experiences. The prizes are selected event and advertising areas at one of Sweden's largest central stations. The goal of Jerspiran 2019, was to further consolidate the position as an event competition that makes a difference and showcase how creative events create experiences and build strong brands.

We introduced an ambassador for Jernspiran, Alexandra Pascalidou. We produced a film that was then cut into a variety of channels, where she urged all of Sweden's companies and organizations to "Dare to make a difference". The campaign consisted of films, advertising in trade press, DR mailings and banners as well as PR and articles.

The 2019 Jernspiran winner is the environmental organization Greenpeace. The competition grant "A sea of hope", with a collaborative work of art that emphasizes the importance of protecting our seas, caught the jury’s attention. The award goes to UNHCR in Sweden who, through their event, want to increase our understanding of people in difficult situations. Through experience-based communication, they want to create commitment and hope regarding two current and urgent issues.


Selected work

Nynäshamns kommunCase: Plats för livet

Arvid NordquistCase: Säljappar

Arvid NordquistCase: Kaffeappen

SJ & JernhusenCase: Nattåg

Friskis&SvettisCase: Anläggningsfilmer

Svensk FastighetsförmedlingCase: Mäklarappen

Graphera/IF MetallCase: Nyckelfilmer

Sollentuna kommunCase: Miljöutbildning

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Låt barnen styra

Jernhusen MediaCase: Kampanj Play

Oxunda vattensamverkanCase: Värna vårt vatten

Friskis&SvettisCase: Verksamhetsberättelse

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran 2018

LägenhetsbyteCase: Byta bostad

Arvid NordquistCase: Sommarkaffe

ObsteCareCase: A better pregnancy

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Cykla Mer

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