Jernhusen & SJ – Night train

A film for those of us who love trains. That’s what Jernhusen and SJ approached us with. The wished to create a movie about trains that would interest train lovers. What better way to do so than to film two of Sweden’s most iconic night trains, number 92 and 94. We chased, followed and rode along the trains between Stockholm and Luleå and then up to Kiruna and back to Stockholm. It was quite a ride. We also went behind the scenes and even joined the train’s maintenance hub at Hagalunds depot, the biggest train depot in northern Europe.

Selected work

Nynäshamns kommunFilmproduction Vision2040

HärjedalsKökTV commercial – New kitchen in a day

IF MetallFilmproduction with Graphera

FjällrävenFilmproduction Hemma i Bergen / Svenska Äventyr

NynäshamnCampaign Plats för livet

Dina FörsäkringarCase: Jobba hos oss

Nynäshamns kommunCase: Plats för eldsjälar

Friskis&SvettisCase: Verksamhetsberättelse

Drum and ZmartaCase: Insplanet film and photo shoot

ReelCase: Reel

Trygg TraceableFilm and photo – The Dorje jacket

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