Campus Nynäshamn – Website

Customer’s goal: To position Campus Nynäshamn as a modern innovative learning centre and launch their website. They wanted the website to reflect their modernity, while still being accessible and easily maneuvered. 

Our take: We started by developing a new graphic profile and logo for Campus Nynäshamn to give them a new, edgy expression. We put a lot of focus into the structure of the website, for example by defining the different school forms and structuring information related to each course and program. Our goal was to make it as logical and easy as possible for current, as well as future students, to quickly find the information they need.

To maintain the possibility of growth within the website, as the campus develops and expand their range of education, we designed a grid that is easy to scale up. Similar pages share the same templates and CSS to keep the maintenance and new development easy.

The website was launched in November 2020.





Selected work

Nynäshamns kommunCase: Plats för eldsjälar

Svenska ÄventyrCase: Hemma i Bergen

SJ & JernhusenCase: Nattåg

Nynäshamns kommunCase: Plats för livet

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran 2019

New Normal – MimerCase: Bäckby sträcker på sig

Svensk FastighetsförmedlingCase: Mäklarappen

Friskis&SvettisCase: Anläggningsfilmer

Sollentuna kommunCase: Miljöutbildning

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Cykla Mer

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Låt barnen styra

Graphera/IF MetallCase: Nyckelfilmer

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran

Friskis&SvettisCase: Verksamhetsberättelse

Oxunda vattensamverkanCase: Värna vårt vatten

Arvid NordquistCase: Säljappar

Drum and ZmartaCase: Insplanet film and photo shoot

Arvid NordquistCase: Kaffeappen

JernhusenCase: Kombiterminaler och depåer

ObsteCareCase: A better pregnancy

Jernhusen MediaCase: Kampanj Play

LägenhetsbyteCase: Byta bostad

Arvid NordquistCase: Sommarkaffe

Friskis&SvettisCase: Meet a hero

Arvid NordquistCase: Säljappar

ReelCase: Reel


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