Svensk Fastighetsförmedling – Real estate app & launch commercial

We have helped Svensk Fastighetsförmedling to develop a tailor-made app to create vibrant and ever-present customer-adapted presentations for the entire organization. Svensk Fastighetsförmedling is now the first in its industry with a fully digitized sales material.

Mäklarappen - an app tailored to each broker's information and is entered via API links from databases and websites. It ensures that all brokers have the latest updated material directly on their tablet.

We produced a launch film "Scener ur ett mäklarliv" (Scenes from the life of a broker) for Svensk Fastighetsförmedling’s kick-off. The aim is to launch Mäklarappen in a humorous way where we show home viewing situations that don’t always end up as intended, but with Mäklarappen, there’s at least one less thing to worry about.

"The purchase of a home is often the biggest economic transaction in your life, and then it is especially important to be able to offer the customer the very best support. With our new digital sales material, our brokers get a modern tool and access to constantly up-to-date information. Svensk Fastighetsförmedling has always wanted to further digital technology. has, together with a high level of expertise, quickly realized the challenges and opportunities that exist within our industry – the estate agents and brokers. is fast, flexible and responsive."

Johanna Gavefalk, Marketing and Communications Manager



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