Svenska Cykelstäder – How do you roll?

The campaign is initiated by the association Svenska Cykelstäder. It includes some of Sweden's most ambitious municipalities, who work purposefully to increase cycling. Together, we want to raise the status of cycling and inspire people to use their bikes on a daily basis. Our goal is that 50% of all journeys shorter than 5 kilometers should be carried out by bicycle.

We produced three films with biking enthusiasts where they got to tell us why they choose to ride a bike. The films formed the hub of the campaign and were adapted to various channels. We created a campaign page and activation booster in social media. We also designed digital advertising, physical posters, a campaign logo and give aways. All lamp material was placed on a separate website where the municipalities could download materials when needed. Be inspired by some true cycling fans - Amira Narel, Jessica Berg and Johan Rabaeus.
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Selected work

Nynäshamns kommunCase: Plats för livet

New Normal – MimerCase: Bäckby sträcker på sig

Arvid NordquistCase: Säljappar

Campus NynäshamnCase: Web design

Drum and ZmartaCase: Insplanet film and photo shoot

Arvid NordquistCase: Kaffeappen

SJ & JernhusenCase: Nattåg

Friskis&SvettisCase: Anläggningsfilmer

Svensk FastighetsförmedlingCase: Mäklarappen

Graphera/IF MetallCase: Nyckelfilmer

Sollentuna kommunCase: Miljöutbildning

Svenska CykelstäderCase: Låt barnen styra

Jernhusen MediaCase: Kampanj Play

Oxunda vattensamverkanCase: Värna vårt vatten

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran 2019

Friskis&SvettisCase: Verksamhetsberättelse

Jernhusen MediaCase: Jernspiran

LägenhetsbyteCase: Byta bostad

Arvid NordquistCase: Sommarkaffe

ObsteCareCase: A better pregnancy

Friskis&SvettisCase: Meet a hero

JernhusenCase: Kombiterminaler och depåer

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